Jerusalem. The City of Peace. The City of Conflict. — 


Forever fascinated with ancient civilizations. Jerusalem under the Temple, now called the Western Wall because only the western part of the wall of the Temple was left when it was destructed around 2000 years ago. I am walking through the ancient times now under Al Aqsa.


Tunnel under the Western Wall/Kotel ha Maaravi (the Temple built by King Solomon, ruined by the Bablylonians, rebuilt under the authorization of King Cyrus of Persia, ruined again by the Romans)
This giant piece of rock at (520 metric tons) is the heaviest object ever lifted by men, no construction company in the world today, with their fancy technology and gadgets, can figure out how our ancestors moved it to build the Temple.




At a shopping arcade made of limestone dismantled from ancient buildings and rebuilt once again into posh boutiques and cafes.


to a once and a lifetime moment — ‎at ‎Wailing wall -


Aunt Aliza says, " there's nothing more lively and colorful than a shuk (souk/bazar) " 


Persian sweets in Jerusalem: In the middle: deep fried donuts dipped in rose syrup




“Kachapuri” (written on the wall) Georgian Pizza. You tear a piece of crust from the pizza and mix the melted cheese and runny eggs with it. That’s Kachapuri. And that’s Enna Ainex Selazro who nursed and took good care of my grandma Mazal like her own for seven years.


At ‎Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel




At Dr. Shakshuka ( tomatoes and eggs served in a charming little skillet) got a Dr’s degree for this egg dish. They come in varieties: with chick peas, with mushrooms, with hot beef sausages, with lamb pieces and so on. Dad and I had it for lunch but it’s perfect for breakfast and dinner too. 

Address:  Beit Eshel St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo Dr. Shakshuka


“….Unto a land flowing with milk and honey”
-Exodus — in Tel Aviv, Israel.


When dad was a little boy, there were only one type of milk, leben ( yogurt) and shamenet (full fat yogurt) and less than 10 types of cheese. Life was simple and everyone was satisfied. Thanks to the advent of capitalism now, dairy products are piled in colorful profusion and confusion, there’s too many to choose from, and we just can’t get enough.


Advantage of sheep yogurt over cow yogurt

Richer, and smoother, tastes and smells better, fat globules in sheep milk are smaller, more homogeneous and therefore more easily digested than cow’s dairy. More medium and short chain saturated fatty acids which means higher lactose absorption. 3 times more whey protein, calcium and so on.


Rarer, thus less conveniently obtained, Sheep has not been bred into producing copious amounts of milk.
More expensive but worth it considering its health benefits.


Halleluiah to the variety of dairy products. My first experience with buffalo yogurt was creamy, smooth and sour.Got hooked on it. Nutritionally better than cow milk and the only other milks that can compare with buffalo milk would be that of the camel and the sheep. Like the good’ol bible times, when sheep and goat were domesticated to provide milk, cheese, butter and yogurt, the nomads knew better.


All of Middle East is an abundance of vegetables and fruits You can take a piece of fruit and eat it, no one will come running after you to ask you to pay for ONE pomegranate. 2 to 3 dollars a kilo of pomegranates here.


pomegranates, 12 shekels a kilo


for those who'd rather have a big dessert than a meal